Hrithik and Sussanne Khan are back together, but for dinner with their kids!

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    hrithik and sussanne1

    Whether amicable or rude, parting is not just saddening for celebrity couples, but also for their fans. We all know that Bollywood’s most loved couple – Hrithik and Sussanne ended their marriage in 2014 after almost thirteen to fourteen years of togetherness. However, like a true and educated parent, both have agreed to set their differences aside for the sake of their children. That’s why we have seen them together on some occasions, especially when the event had something for their children. And every time we did, we were filled with a hope of their reunion. The backing that Sussanne offered to Hrithik during his legal tussle with Kangana also fueled that hope.

    hrithik and sussanne

    This time too we saw them with each other and that reminded us of their happy days when they were in conjunction. The two met at ‘Yauatcha’ a restaurant in Mumbai for dinner with their kids. For fans, like always, watching them enjoying some ‘family time’ is an opportunity to tame a new hope of a patch-up between them.

    hrithik with kids

    Let’s see what 2017 brings in for this once madly in love couple.

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