Himesh Reshammiya and his wife filed for divorce

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    It seems the seperation trend that hit Bollywood at the beginning of 2016 has turned into a sort of plague. As the year progressed, many celebrity couples have been caught with it. Now as the year is ending, we got another news of Himesh Reshammiya and his wife filing for a divorce. We were saddened to know that the couple have decided to end their marriage after spending 22 years together. According to a leading newspaper, Himesh and his wife Komal have filed for divorce at the Bandra family court on Tuesday, February 6, 2016.

    When a reporter from a leading tabloid contacted the musician-turned-actor, he confirmed the news and said, “Sometimes in life, mutual respect becomes the most important, and giving due respect to our relationship, Komal and I have amicably decided to part ways… There is no problem whatsoever with this decision between us and our family as every member respects it. Yet, Komal is and will always remain a part of our family and I will always be a part of her family”.

    We heard the same sort of sentiments in his wife’s assertion. She said, “Himesh and I completely respect each other and are jointly going ahead with this decision to part ways, but mutual respect will always be there between us as I am a part of his family and will always be, and the same stands for him towards my family.”

    As far the custody of their only son was concerned, the couple agreed to raise him together.

    We heard through the grapevine that the reason for the divorce could be Himesh’s extramarital affair with a television actress.

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