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Are Varun and Nargis The New Love Birds?

01 varun dhawan and nargis fakhri

Who says it takes a series of hit films to get along well and develop special liking for each other? Varun and Nargis is proving that wrong and forcing people to think the other way. Yes! So what? They may have worked together in only one move (Main Tera Hero), but whatever days spent together during the filming of the movie are enough for them to gel up well. No wonder, it didn’t surprise the invitees of the premier of Badlapur and the wrap-up party to see Nargis as a special guest. Though both have not asserted their affection for each other yet, the camaraderie they display in public places is enough to raise some eye balls.

When asked Varun to comment on the rumours doing the round, he said, “That is the most honest relationship you can have with someone.”

People who know both the young actors have started presenting their assumption on why the relationship can work if the rumours turn out to be true. According to them, both Varan and Nargis are crazy. They are spontaneous and give no damn about what others might be thinking. The way they enjoyed the Badlapur party without bothering about being clicked was no less than a testimony to the special bonding they share.

Above all, Varun and Nargis are no strangers to link-ups. Both have had their share of relationship and are now single. So there is nothing wrong seeing them mingle well.

A New Serial Kisser In The Block!

Varun & Yami

We all know who is the serial kisser of Bollywood. This title is soon going to be snatched away from Imraan Hashmi. And guess who is giving him a tough competition. Yes! It’s Varun Dhawan. Come February 20, 2015 and Varun will display how good he is at kissing when ‘Badlapur,’ a revenge story, directed by Sriram Raghavan (He has directed Sail Ali Khan in Agent Vinod) will be released.

varun huma_edit

While Imraan may have kissed only one of the leading ladies in his film, Varun is lucky to lock his lips with four different actresses. They are Yami Gupta, Huma Qureshi, Radhika Apte, and Divya Dutta. Yami is playing his wife, and Huma is a prostitute in the film. The roles essayed by the other two ladies are unknown to us. Reports are there that all the kissing scenes are hot enough to debilitate the temperature of the air-conditioner of multiplexes a few notch lower.

varun divya_edit

No doubt, The Student Of The Year is taking his kissing spree from his previous three films (He has kissed Alia Bhat, Ileana D’Cruz, and again Alia Bhatt) further with this movie. Hope, Imraan Hashmi gets to kiss more than four ladies in a movie, and retain his title.

Ranbir Out, Aditya in for Katrina


Media girl” Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapoor were caught on camera sharing some intimate moments in the love snow land of Kashmir. Where was Ranbir Kapoor anyway?


Currently working on their upcoming venture Fitoor, Aditya and Katrina were captured by the photogs while shooting a passionate kissing scene including a lip-lock. Moreover, the two had shot some intense sections in Srinagar.

Well, the question is while Kashmir was being heated up with this intensity, did it bother Ranbir? Was he deliberately kept out of the way?

Salman Khan & Kabir Khan in Argument Over Bajrangi Bhaijaan

To be released on Eid al-Fitr, i.e., July 17, 2015, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is Salman’s upcoming romcom which is being shot under the direction of Kabir Khan. Notwithstanding, the film’s sets testified some literary arguments between the actor and director.


Bollywood’s bodybuilding inspiration demanded a change in the dialogs according to a few particular scenes of the film. However, Kabir did not like Salman pressurizing the crew. Well, this is not the first time that the two have found themselves in a fidgety knot. Also while filming Ek Tha Tiger, they had a bit of ding-dong. To add further, Kabir also deleted a scene without Salman’s consent. This exacerbated the argument even more.

Actually, Kabir never wanted to work with Salman anymore after doing Ek Tha Tiger, but Sajid Nadiadwala’s convincing ability made the two to come together once again. To remind you, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is narration of the love story between two lovers of contradicting Indian religions.

OMG! Deepika Tells Katrina – “Don’t Marry Ranbir Kapoor!”


While the rumor about Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s exchange of the engagement rocks are doing rounds, a hot gossip that just popped up is about Deepika Padukone’s subtle statement where she advised the Bang Bang actress, “Don’t marry Ranbir Kapoor!”


Not to forget, leggy lass Dippy attired in Amit GT was probably the center of attraction among her many competitors at the recently organized Star Guild Awards. The actress looked all happy zealous while answering a journalist at the event who had asked her opinion about RK and Kat’s relationship.


Nonetheless, a source exposed a different picture on the scene altogether. In a behind-the-scenes video, she promptly replied the above words followed by a broad smile when the question about the ex-beau’s current relationship status came up.

Should we take that as a joke or something else? You decide, folks!

Arbaaz and Malaika’s Relationship in Trouble?


The paparazzi smelled something fishy when they attended the music launch of Dolly Ki Doli recently. Well, well, well! It was about the cold war between the Khan couple – Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan.


The co-producers tried their best to conceal the flow of dirty water before the journalists; however, they failed to do so. The couple exchanging cold vibes with each other was clearly visible to the attendees. Apart from ignoring to deal into a casual conversation, the Khan celebs did not even care to pose alongside each other as a couple before the lens-men.


Arbaaz chose to click a selfie with a fan, but harshly ignored his wife who was on her toes to give a “husband-and-wife” pose for the photogs. Also, while exiting the venue, Arbaaz cunningly secured his hands inside his pockets to avoid the “loving husband pose” with Malaika. You will also be shocked to know that Arbaaz almost wrestled unknowingly or knowingly to escape his arm from Malaika’s grasp at one instance. Moreover, they left in different cars instead of sharing the same car.

There is certainly something wrong between the two. Anyways, we pray that nothing serious happens believing that such brawls do take place between a husband and wife.

2-3 CR to Perform in Award Functions?


While they demand a handsome amount of money for doing films, do you know that Bollywood A-listers also charge a heavy currency for hosting and dancing in award shows?


A trustworthy source reported that B-wood biggies like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Priyanka Chopra usually put up a fat figure of at least INR 2-3 crores before the organizers to show their face in award functions. And, for your information, such figures are generally non-negotiable unless the celebrity isn’t a popular one or a newbie.

Newcomers are generally negotiated up to INR 50-70 lakhs.


Though some of these celebs may not receive an award during these occasions, however, delighting their pockets with huge bucks makes the recompense.

Bipasha Wants Salman to Stay a Bachelor and Eventually Virgin


Approximately the whole of B-town wants the Bigg Boss host to tie the knot desperately. Nevertheless, Alone‘s leading lady wants the bulky celeb to stay alone for the rest of his life.


When interrogated about who she thinks makes at the top of the list of hottest stars, Bips promptly answered “Salman Khan”.


We still don’t know why she wants her No Entry co-star to secure his virginity for a lifetime. Nonetheless, here’s what she commented – “No. Salman is going to stay bachelor for the rest of his life. He is better off as a bachelor.”

Amitabh and Rekha Come Together Again!


Hit romantic couple of the Bollywood screen – Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha will be seen acting together in R. Balki’s Shamitabh. However, reacting to the audience’s excitement about the reunion, Big B revealed a different story.


We don’t actually come together. It is a part of a sequence. When you see the film, you will understand the actual sequence and how it is portrayed. But yes it is always wonderful to have such great luminaries in the film.”

Big B and the evergreen Super Nani actress share the screen just for a cameo role in the flick.


Having said that, Big B unveiled his desire to exchange dialogs with the actress in the future if the right film is offered to him.

Balki keeps threatening me that he wants to design a film. But let me see. If somebody has a story that is appropriate then yeah, why not,” said Big B.

Sam Prabhu Blasts at Media Over Her Break-Up News


Marking the first break-up of this new year, Samantha Prabhu and Siddharth Suryanarayan parted ways recently for reasons known to them. However, the actress found it as an act of breach of her personal life when the media made some news about their break-up.


The article in the DC makes me look like the victim. I am not. Siddharth is a great guy. Media stop taking sides. This is personal. STOP,” tweeted Sam.

Both the southern celebs were insanely in love two and a half years ago until the official statement of their split came up. Sam was not happy with the article that the leading daily had posted about her status, which presented her as “painful” and “distraught”, post the separation.


Reacting to the situation, she said that she’s holding herself up quite graciously and is certainly not a condition of heartbreak.