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Virat and Anushka not getting engaged!

virat anushka

Tough to guess how the news of Virat and Anushka getting engaged on 1st January 2017 surfaced on the internet, but it provided quite a momentum to the rumour mill. According to a leading online entertainment portal, the couple was spotted heading to Dehradun along with their parents. Someone even captured a photo of Anushka performing some ritual in a temple. While the authenticity of the photograph is questionable, what added oil to the rumour was the landing of Sr. Bachchan at the Jolly Grant airport in Dehuradun. Soon, we heard through the grapevine that Mr. Bachchan and the Ambanis are in the hill station to attend the engagement ceremony.

While we all were expecting that the love birds would finally give a meaning to their relationships, Virat took to Twitter and clear the airs engulfed with the engagement rumours. He tweeted, “We aren’t getting engaged & if we were going to,we wouldn’t hide it. Simple…Since news channels cant resist selling false rumours & keeping you confused, we are just ending the confusion :).”

Anushka didn’t comment on the rumours doing the rounds. However, she just re-tweeted Virat.

As the clarification on engagement rumour has come from Virat himself,  guess, we all have to wait for the big announcement for some more time.

Hrithik and Sussanne Khan are back together, but for dinner with their kids!

hrithik and sussanne1

Whether amicable or rude, parting is not just saddening for celebrity couples, but also for their fans. We all know that Bollywood’s most loved couple – Hrithik and Sussanne ended their marriage in 2014 after almost thirteen to fourteen years of togetherness. However, like a true and educated parent, both have agreed to set their differences aside for the sake of their children. That’s why we have seen them together on some occasions, especially when the event had something for their children. And every time we did, we were filled with a hope of their reunion. The backing that Sussanne offered to Hrithik during his legal tussle with Kangana also fueled that hope.

hrithik and sussanne

This time too we saw them with each other and that reminded us of their happy days when they were in conjunction. The two met at ‘Yauatcha’ a restaurant in Mumbai for dinner with their kids. For fans, like always, watching them enjoying some ‘family time’ is an opportunity to tame a new hope of a patch-up between them.

hrithik with kids

Let’s see what 2017 brings in for this once madly in love couple.

Here’s who Karishma Kapoor is dating

karishma & sandeep1

They say love just can’t happen once. The love bug can bite you at any age and time in your life. This time, it has bitten Karishma Kapoor. Yes! You heard it right. The once popular actress has been dating a guy for some time now. Both have hidden their affairs from others and tried to avoid shutterbugs. Now when they have finally decided to give a meaning to their relationship, they don’t mind being clicked together. Yes! A paparazzi have spotted the love birds together. And the guy she is seen with is Sandeep Toshniwal.

Wondering who Sandeep Toshniwal is. He has no connection with Bollowood whatsoever. He is a businessman and was introduced to Karishma by a common friend. They struck a chord and started meeting hiding from shutterbugs. The several frequent meetings they had, blossomed into love, and now the love birds see no reason meeting each other in secret. Just a day or two ago they were spotted in the same air heading to Kareena Kapoor’s residence.

There is news from close sources that Sandeep is looking for a 3 BHK flat to move Karishma and her kids in. Their alleged affair is also cited as the main reason for Sandeep’s divorce, who is 35 years old. His wife claims that Sandeep was having an affair with Karishma when they were still together.

Himesh Reshammiya and his wife filed for divorce


It seems the seperation trend that hit Bollywood at the beginning of 2016 has turned into a sort of plague. As the year progressed, many celebrity couples have been caught with it. Now as the year is ending, we got another news of Himesh Reshammiya and his wife filing for a divorce. We were saddened to know that the couple have decided to end their marriage after spending 22 years together. According to a leading newspaper, Himesh and his wife Komal have filed for divorce at the Bandra family court on Tuesday, February 6, 2016.

When a reporter from a leading tabloid contacted the musician-turned-actor, he confirmed the news and said, “Sometimes in life, mutual respect becomes the most important, and giving due respect to our relationship, Komal and I have amicably decided to part ways… There is no problem whatsoever with this decision between us and our family as every member respects it. Yet, Komal is and will always remain a part of our family and I will always be a part of her family”.

We heard the same sort of sentiments in his wife’s assertion. She said, “Himesh and I completely respect each other and are jointly going ahead with this decision to part ways, but mutual respect will always be there between us as I am a part of his family and will always be, and the same stands for him towards my family.”

As far the custody of their only son was concerned, the couple agreed to raise him together.

We heard through the grapevine that the reason for the divorce could be Himesh’s extramarital affair with a television actress.