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Rakhi Sawant admits of breasts work done on her!

rakhi sawant

Rakhi Swant loves to be called a controversy’s child. She grabs opportunities with both her hands to create sensations. Whether she does it for gaining attention, or it’s just her instinct, she never fails to entertain us with her bizarre antics. Whenever she makes her appearance in the public, it is hard to ignore her.

Though this time she hasn’t created any controversy, but her revelation about something personal that others won’t dare has certainly created a sensation in the B-town. During a recent promotional event of her film, she opened up and spoke quite boldly and frankly about having gone under the knife for breasts work. Speaking to the interviewer of a leading tabloid, she admitted that she got her breasts done. She even said that it’s no big deal for her and If one starts collecting the plastic that has gone into the Bollywood bodies, she can fill three trucks outside the building where the interview was held. She also praised herself for being honest and admitting to the surgery.

She is appearing in “Ek Kahani Julie Ki,” rumoured to be based on the high-profile Sheena Bora Murder case. The film is being produced by Chetna Sharma and directed by Aziz Zee.

We wish others were courageous enough to admit openly about the number of surgeries they underwent to be in the glamour industry.



Emraan Hashmi apes a game franchise for the first look of “Captain Nawab”!

captain nawaab

Emraan Hashmi has turned up a producer with his own production house. He is all set to roll out a movie under his home banner, titled “Captain Nawab.” Besides producing the film, he will also be playing a lead role. Yesterday, he released the first look of the movie on his Twitter handle. Though the poster looked impressive and intriguing, one cannot stop comparing it with the poster of a game franchise – Call of Duty.

The first look shows Emraan in a uniform that is half Indian and half Pakistani. Guess, he is playing a soldier of both the country. Apart from the uniform, most of the things in the poster has a stark similarity with the cover of Call of Duty. It seems, the actor-turned-producer has not made any attempt to change the poster looks. Everything from holding guns in both the hands, sitting posture, and black band on the right wrist is straight away lifted from the game franchise.

Well, we guess it’s high time that we stop looking to the West for inspiration and instead apply our own creativity. There are scores of incidences where Bollywood had unabashedly copied poster themes from Hollywood movies and video games.

We wonder if Bollywood has run out of creative ideas and when this copy-cat business will stop.

Sapna Bhavnani calls Salman Khan a monkey, and a male chauvinistic pig!

sapna bhavnani

There are only a few women celebrities who speak up their minds and don’t care about anything or anyone. One such luminary is Sapna Bhavnani, a renowned celebrity hairstylist and ex-contestant of Bigg Boss 6. She is loved in the glitz and glamour industry for her unbiased and bold remarks. When it comes to unleashing a scathing attack on anyone, she doesn’t care about his or her position.

A staunch supporter of feminism, Sapna is ready to launch her first book – ‘Chapter One.’ In an interview, given to the reporter of Hindustan Times, she called Salman Khan “a monkey”! She just didn’t stop there and went on to call him a “male chauvinistic f***ing pig.”

She was also asked about her experience of contesting in Bigg Boss 6 that was hosted by Salman Khan. She said, “You have a male chauvinistic f***ing pig as a host of this f***ing show, that insults people, so people watch the show, and people worship him on the show because people want a job in one of his stupid f***-all movies where he dances like a monkey – that’s Bigg Boss in a nutshell.”

This is not the first time she has spoken about Salman. She had called him a ‘serial woman-beater’ before and even condemned him for his controversial rape comment.

While the fans will certainly be hurt by her statement, we need women who can come out and speak openly without being afraid of any repercussion.

Let’s wait and watch Salman’s reaction.

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika separated, not divorced!

arbaaz malaika

In the series of breakups that started with the onslaught of 2016, the biggest jolt was the news of the disturbance in married life of one of the coolest couples of Bollywood – Arbaaz and Malaika. Both have been married for 17 years and shared a perfect bonding with each other until something went wrong in their peaceful and calm lives in the beginning of the first quarter of 2016.

To reunite them and settle the dust of differences in their marriage life, their families had several meetings. Big brother, Salman Khan took both of them for a dinner and tried to patch up differences between them. But that too didn’t work.

However, recently, a ray of hope about the couple getting together was seen when Malaika sent birthday wishes to Arbaaz. But that didn’t sustain for long and faded when Arbaaz dropped a bomb yesterday and said “At this point of time we are not together, we are separated, and that’s about it.”

The reason for this declaration is also cited towards his alleged affair with a Goa-based restaurateur Yellow Mehra. Whatsoever is the reason, there is still a hope of reconciling until they both file for divorce officially.

Sex Scene of Radhika Apte and Adil Hussain from “Parched” leaked online!


This has happened for the second time with the dusky actress, Radhika Apte that her intimate scene has gone viral. A year ago, a clip from a short film directed by Anurag Kashyap showcasing her in frontal nudity had gone viral. Now the history has repeated itself and she has become a victim of yet another online leak. This time for her film “Parched,” which was produced by Ajay Devgn that had not seen the light of the day in India, but was released in France in 2015.

Directed by Leena Yadav, Parched is a story of four women in rural Gujarat who are leading a reluctant life imposed by the age-old tradition and dominating male society. They are shown struggling with poverty, forced child marriage, rape from family members, and physical and mental assault from abusive alcoholic husbands. However, they too dream about a life and share their desire with each other about love, men and sex. The movie then proceeds with their struggle for freedom.

After the online leak incident, the filmmakers have registered a complaint against an unknown person with the cyber cell of the police. Given the content of the film, it is unlikely that India will ever see its release on its ground.

Shah Rukh Khan faces humiliation again at US airport

shah rukh

Shah Rukh Khan had never believed that he will be detained at US airport for the third time. He had been through the same situation before on two occasions – 2009 and 2012. The only thing that changed in the series of humiliation with the superstar is the city. This time he was stopped at the Los Angeles airport yesterday when he was with his children for a vacation.

The ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood has faced similar issues with the US airport authorities before. We really sympathize with him, for we understand how it feels to be detained at the airport, not just once but thrice in different cities. There is nothing to guess on how annoyed the actor was. Had he been alone, he would have not taken to his heart. But being halted when with children is really painful. Not just for him, for everyone.
Nevertheless, it was Shah Rukh Khan’s way to taking ill-treatment, that he took the incident in joke and tweeted on early Friday morning, “The brighter side is while waiting caught some really nice Pokemons.”

It seems the US immigration has problems with only Indian Muslim names. They have meted the same treatment even to our Late President APJ Abdul Kalam. Other than our late president, Aamir Khan, and John Abraham too have faced the same situation.

Perhaps, it’s all in the name. We hope the US immigration understands that not every Muslim name is a threat to their security.

“Shivaay” trailer is super exciting and of Hollywood caliber!

It seems the dream project of actor-director Ajay Devgn has turned out quite well. The amount of efforts Ajay and his team has put in the film is quite evident from the trailer that was released yesterday, August 7 in Indore at a fan club. The trailer is thrilling, captivating, and hands down of Hollywood caliber. In fact, it is better than any Hollywood movie trailer released recently.

The 3 minutes and 50 second trailer opens with Ajay Devgan in handcuffs and battered looks. Then the camera pans towards the snowy mountains where he is seen jumping from one cliff to another with an ice axe in hand. The mountain scenes appear quite realistic and are powerful enough to have audiences sit on the edge of their seats. After capturing excitement on the snowy mountains, the actor is shown fighting and being chased over by supposedly thugs and even cops in the city. The scene in which he jumps out of a police van that is about to fall from the top of a dam in handcuffed condition is beautifully done. There is also some fine emotional moments of a father and daughter between Ajay and Abigail Eames, who is playing his on-screen daughter. Overall, the trailer is all about Ajay, his action, emotions, and the breathtaking visuals.

One thing that puts this trailer apart from other Bollywood movies is that it doesn’t provide any hints about what the film is. You can only guess that Ajay has been forced by someone to go on a mission high above the snowy mountains either to find some hidden treasure or an elixir to gain immortality. Still, the trailer is exciting and engaging.

As a promotional strategy, the trailer is going to be attached with Akshay Kumar’s “Rustom” releasing on August 12. But the film will be released on October during Diwali.

Mahmood Farooqui of “Peepli Live” fame sentenced to 7-year jail for rape

mahmood farooqui

“Peepli Live” that came in 2010 was not a commercial hit, but it was critically acclaimed. The satirical comedy film that dealt with the burning issues of “farmer suicides” was co-directed by Mahmood Farooqui, along with his wife. After five years, in 2015, Farooqui suddenly came to the limelight when a US researcher filed a rape complaint against him.

The foreign woman came to India in 2014 and got in contact with Mahmood Farooqui through one common friend. As she was on a research trip, she asked for some help to the director. He called her at her residence in South Delhi on March 28, 2015 and raped her under the influence of alcohol. The victim took some time to get out of the humiliation she had gone through and finally mustered courage to file a complaint against the accused on June 19 with the New Friends Colony Police. Following which Farooqui was arrested and produced in the court.

After lots of hearing, the Delhi court finally gave its verdict yesterday. The accused was slapped with a 7-year jail term along with a fine of 50,000 rupees as a compensation to the victim. If he fails to pay the money, he has to serve additional three months in jail. The court also let the Delhi Legal Service Authority decide on the appropriate compensation for the victim.

Though the Delhi Police demanded a life term for the accused as the crime has tarnished India’s image, Farooqui’s lawyer won the argument of minimum sentence to his clients on the pretext of medical reasons and his cooperation during the trial.

Finally, justice has been meted out to the victim.

Salman Khan shows interest in “Race 3”


Salman Khan is the undefeated “Sultan” of box-office. The success-wagon that he boarded in 2009 is unstoppable. His streak of success is continuing and stretching afar with great panache. His latest offering “Sultan” became the all-time highest grosser. His indomitable winning spree at the box office has made him the most sought-after actor of Bollywood. With envious records to his repertoire, He is being bombarded with lots of offers and every producer, big or small, is ready to put their money on him.

It is rumored that among the many scripts he read recently, Salman has shown interest in “Race 3.” Like Hrithik Roshan in “Dhoom 2,” and Aamir Khan in “Dhoom 3,” he is going to play an antagonist. Though he has not signed the film, but close sources say that the actor will sign it very soon.

Just like Dhoom 2 and Dhoom 3 had a different and unconventional look of the antagonist who is not just savvy, but also a master of his craft, be it stealing antique pieces or committing high-profile robbery in disguise, we assume Salman’s character too will be more stylish and extraordinary. In fact, it will be the first time that he will be playing a baddie on the screen. And as such, his character will be a real trend setter, and Bollywood is going to look at villains with a different perspective.

We just can’t wait for the film to get complete and hit the screens.