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The leaked photograph of Hrithik and Kangana is photoshopped, Sussanne Khan

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The legal tussle between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut is appearing to continue for a long because of new twists and turns every single day. Adding oil to the estranged relationship of the two was a leaked photograph from a fan of Kangana Ranaut. The photograph is from a party attended by both at Arjun Rampal’s residence and shows Hrithik hugging Kangana passionately. As usual, it started a debate of being morphed or photoshopped.

To put to rest the debate on whether the photo is genuine or fake, Hrithik’s fanclubs released some more photographs from the same party that can prove as a fitting reply to those who are hell bent on proving that both Hrithik and Kangana had an affair. The pictures also show Sussanne Khan enjoying with Hritihik in the party. Seeing both ex-husband and wife in the same party makes us wonder whether any person would ever dare to get closer to another female in front of his wife.

As the flame of the debate over the leaked photograph of Hrithik and Kangana spread far and wide, Sussanne Khan came forward in support of her ex-husband. She broke her silence over the issue through her Twitter account in this manner:

Sussanne Khan 

pictures are photoshopped and untrue stories carry 2 much weight.another pic for d rec. I support @iHrithik in this.

Her response over the leaked photograph may have come as a big relief for Hrithik.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan indirectly supports Salman Khan over Rio Olympics issue


The sports and Bollywood fraternity have plunged into the ongoing debate about Salman Khan’s appointment as a brand ambassador of the Indian team for Rio Olympics. While there is no dearth of support from the film industry for the actor in his new role, the sports fraternity is not pleased and questions the decisions. There have been a series of comments from both the sides on how correct and wrong the decision taken by the Indian Olympic Association is.

Kirron Kher and Sooraj Barjatya are happy for Salman and also challenge the notions of people who believe that only a sportsman should become a brand ambassador for such a mega sporting event. They feel any eminent personality who have the power to influence youth can fit the role and not only a sportsman who has represented the country.

When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was asked about her thought on the Rio Olympic debate in which Salman is involved, she said, Anybody who is doing good to represent the country and anybody who is working or seeking or standing out for whatever vocation we have in the country, be it sports, arts or music, I think that’s wonderful and needs to be recognized.”

Though she didn’t take Salman’s name directly, but her support for her ex-boyfriend is a really touching.

Salman Khan’s appointment as a brand ambassador for Olympics sparks a row of controversy


The mega sporting carnival – Rio 2016 Olympics is inching closer with each passing day. After 100 days from now, the world will witness lots of sporting actions in which the best athletes from 206 countries will compete for medals. Since Indian has been participating in the Olympics for a long time, this time, the Indian Olympic Association thought of appointing a goodwill ambassador of the Indian team for the Rio Olympics. And the person they selected for the job has triggered a series of controversy. Yes! The IOA has appointed the “Dabangg’ star of Bollywood, Salman Khan as the brand ambassador of Olympics.

Ever since the announcement two days ago, several sporting personalities took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Salman Khan’s appointment. Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt was the first person to lash out at the decision of IOA, barely two hours after the announcement. According to him, the whole idea of becoming a brand ambassador is film promotion. He was pointing towards Salman’s movie “Sultan” which is going to be released this “Eid” and in which Salman is playing a wrestler.

Milkha Singh was the second person to express his displeasure. He tweeted that instead of Salman, any sport-person of our country would have been a perfect fit for the brand ambassador role. But his comment didn’t go well with Salman’s dad who came for his son’s support through a series of tweets.

He tweeted#Salman khan may not have competed but is an A level swimmer cyclist and weight lifter

#Sportsmen are performing because of sports lovers like us.

On Salman’s selection, Milkha Singh had said that sports personalities like PT Usha should have been considered by IOA instead of importing “a person from Bollywood”.

Salim Khan added #Milkhaji it is not Bollywood it is the Indian Film Industry and that too the largest in the world.

#The same industry which resurrected you from fading away in oblivion

As the spark heated, several sport and film personalities starting expressing their views. While the Bollywood fraternity is supporting the IOA’s decision of appointing Salman as the brand ambassador, sport-person like Gautam Gambhir is not in favour of the decision. But shooter Abhinav Bindra is happy and thinks that Salman’s appointment will help Olympic athletes.

When Katrina was asked about the ongoing controversy her ex-friend is in, she made a joke on him and said, “Whatever controversy is there with Salman Khan, they are not new or strange.”

Hrithik met Mahesh Bhatt for a piece of advice on the ongoing legal battle against Kangana

hrithik kangana

Hrithik and Kangana are in no mood to bury the hatchet between them. Ever since the feud between them became public, one or another news keep churning out of the rumour mill daily. Saying both are at loggerheads would be an understatement. What started as a mere spark has turned out to be flame that seems to grow bigger and bigger by the day. The legal battle between them is not just turning ugly, but also shocking and upsetting Bollywood.

In a bid to get out of the mess he is in, Hrithik approached a man for a piece of advice who is known for his blunt opinions in Bollywood. That man is none other than Mahesh Bhatt, who has has earned a distinction of having ‘to-the-point’ views on any matter related to movies, social, and politics.

Speaking to a leading online entertainment website, Mahesh Bhatt confirmed about Hrithik meeting him for an advice on the on-going issues with Kangana. He said the actor wanted his advice on how to handle the legal issues against Kanagana. He also added that Hrithik had provided him detailed descriptions of the event as they occurred and most of them are in the media.

When asked what kind of advice has he given to Hrithik, Mr. Bhatt said that, let a non-industry neutral body handle the issue for a fair conclusion on the matter.

Mr. Bhatt also asserted that he hasn’t given a clean chit to Hrithik as he has heard only one side of the story.

John’s shocking reaction over Bipasha’s marriage!

john bipasha

Breakups are definitely painful for both the parties involved. Few choose to depart gracefully and move ahead, while some carry the grudge forward in their lives. Such is the bitterness in the latter ones that they don’t even like to discuss or think about their exes. There are many examples Bollywood couples have formed of animosity between them. We came across one such same instance recently. The former couple in question, this time, is John Abraham and Bipasha Basu.

We all know both the actors had been in a relationship in the past. That was the time when they were regarded as one of the hottest couples in Bollywood. Not only did both look amazing, but were deeply in love. Fans just loved seeing them together and were waiting to see them as husband and wife. But trouble crept in their love life, and they broke-up in 2011 after courting for 10 long years. While John got married to a New York based Indian-origin banker a year ago, Bipasha continued with her single status till she met and fell in love with Karan Singh Grover, her co-star from the bombed horror flick ‘Alone.’

Bipasha and Karan are getting married on April 30. At a press conference, when reporters asked John about his view on Bipasha’s marriage, his reaction stunned all present in the hall. He simply ignored the question as if he didn’t hear it and also pushed the audio boom  aside before getting up and leaving the room.

Whether John’s attitude to the question was a revenge against the reaction shown by Bipasha at the time of John’s marriage, or an impromptu one is hard to guess. Do you remember Bipasha’s comment a year ago when John was about to get married? That famous trended comment of Bipasha was “John Who.”

Akshay Kumar donates 50 lacs to drought-hit villages of Maharashtra


Few actors carry their on-screen image to practical lives. When issues like pollution, corruption, and natural calamities crop up, these actors don’t hesitate to speak up their minds and do their bit.  Akshay Kumar is one of those actors who keeps contributing to the betterment of the society in one way or the other. He has shown his generosity by donating a staggering amount of 90 lacs to the family of 180 deceased farmers.

Continuing with his benevolence act, this time, the actor has donated 50 lacs towards the initiative of the Maharashtra State Government. His contribution comes in the wake of the drought situation that has plagued many districts of Maharashtra State. Taking serious cognizance of the situation, the State Government has initiated ‘Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan.’ With this project, the State Government aims to use water harvesting techniques and construct ponds in the drought-hit areas.

Akshay’s contribution to the drought-affected people is appreciated by CM Devendra Fadnavis. The CM has thanked him for his generosity and benevolence act.

It is highly praiseworthy that despite being so busy with his films, he takes out time for charity. salutes Akshay Kumar for his donation.

Dilip Kumar is alive and doing fine

dilip kumar

We all know about the hospitalization of the stalwart of the Indian cinema, Dilip Kumar, due to pneumonia . Though his condition was reported stable by the doctors treating him, some gossipmongers took to social media yesterday evening and started spreading the news of the veteran actor’s death. Falling to the hoax, many fans even started offering condolences on Facebook.

What is disturbing is that no one even bothered to crosscheck the news before spreading it. As the news went viral and being concerned about the actor’s health, we started reaching to the close sources of the actor who can throw some light on Dilip Saab’s (as all lovingly call him) condition. Luckily, we found that that the death news was just a hoax and the senior actor of Bollywood is fine. We also came to know that the doctors are planning to discharge him in a day or two.

The 93-old actor has enthralled audiences with his immaculate style for several decades. In fact, he has inspired many famous actors of the past and present generation to take to acting. Dilip Kumar’s journey to the stardom is impressive and worth taking a lesson from. Know all about the legend at Dilip Kumar wishes him faster recovery and good health.

A teaser of “Sachin: A Billion Dreams” is out for the grab


No words or phrase can describe Sachin Tendulkar in a better way. His records speak for him. He is the inspiration for billions of youth dreaming of representing India in cricket.  Thanks to the filmmaker for giving us an opportunity to understand the legendary cricketer more closely through a biopic “Sachin: A Billion Dreams.” Fans are impatient to see the cricketing idol on a big screen.

A teaser of the movie has just been launched in which you will hear the cricketer reminiscing moral lesson on life imparted by his father. Unlike other biopics that already hit the screen or \waiting for a release, the title role is played by the cricketer himself. After all, who could be better for the role than Sachin himself.

And like his billions fans, he too seems to be excited and shares his feelings through this tweet:

A journey made special by your support and wishes. Presenting the teaser of @SachinTheFilm

From cricketing to acting, the legendary Indian batsman is playing a new innings. This emotional teaser will surely make your day:

Sunny sizzles in ‘One Night Stand’ trailer


Hardly a few films old, Sunny Leone has crafted a place for herself in Bollywood. Whether it is the ‘oomph’ factor that she adds to a movie, or the sparkles in her eyes, producers are more than willing to cast her in their films. In the upcoming ‘One Night Stand,’ she is paired opposite Tanuj Virwani (yesteryear actress Rati Agnihotri’s son). Holding on to her reputation, the sexy actress is ready to set the screen on fire once again.

The recently launched trailer not just highlights the actress’ sexy sides, but also emotional expressions. Besides indulging in love-making scene with the protagonist, she is seen delivering meaningful dialogues on gender equality . However, the two-and-half-minute trailer is enough to realize that the plot of the movie is old and an attempt to present it in a way where love and lust are at the core. The trailer also highlights a catchy phrase that resonates with today’s modern life – when temptation ends, obsession begins.

The film  is co-produced by Furquan Khan and Pradeep Sharma and directed byJasmine Moses D’Souza. The movie is set to release this April 22.

Ex-manager says Priyanka Chopra tried suicide many times


Priyanka’s ex-manager Prakash Jaju made a shocking revelation about her in a series of tweet. According to him, the actress had tried suicide on a few occasions during her struggling days. What made him to come up with the news so late is unknown though. However, it seems that the tweets were a reaction to Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide, pointing towards the suicidal tendency in actresses.

“Priyanka is at the peak of stardom at the moment, but that was not the case when she started her career with modeling. She may look very strong now, but was very vulnerable in her struggling days, says the former manager.”

He claimed that she and her first boyfriend Aseem Merchant used to fight daily. After the fight, the actress used to call him in the night. He added that one night, after the fight, PeeCee drove to the Mumbai’s Vasai area to end her life, but he managed to convince her somehow from committing suicide.

Here are the shocking tweets:

PRAKASH JAJU ‎@Prakashjaaju

Why to hide when she didnt care about me :) … Daily pc & aseem main zhagda hota, raat ko 2-2, 3-3 baje rote hue mujhe phone karti & main

PRAKASH JAJU ‎@Prakashjaaju

2 … usko raat ko 2-2 baje aseem ke ghar ke niche se apni car main leke aata, phir usko samjha bujha ke uske ghar chodta.

PRAKASH JAJU ‎@Prakashjaaju

3 … Ek baar madam, aseem se zhagda karke car leke vasai chali gayi suicide karna, badi mushkil se samjha buza ke wapis bulaaya :)

PRAKASH JAJU ‎@Prakashjaaju

PC was very close to Aseem merchant’s mother, her death in 2002 shattered her so much that she tried to jump off karan apt to commit suicide

PRAKASH JAJU ‎@Prakashjaaju

2 … i reached at nick of time & caught hold of her & tied her to a chair till grills were fixed in all the windows of the flat.

PRAKASH JAJU ‎@Prakashjaaju

3 … i want to say that suicidial tendency is in most of the girls of film industry.

Priyanka is busy with shooting in Los Angeles for her first Hollywood film ‘Baywatch.’ Her response on the tweets is awaited.

PeeCee had a bitter experience with her manager in the past. He was sentenced to prison for 67 days in 2008 when her father filed a complaint against him for deliberate intervention in his daughter’s personal and private life.